I am just emailing to ask for a quote for the following cabinet/dresser. I have put together an initial sketch however I need your expertise in actually making it happen. I have a SketchUp/CAD drawing of the cabinet including dimensions (W:2.29m, H:2.42m, D:0.41m), and how the cabinet will sit within the living room. I have a SketchUp file that I can send to you if you wish to see more details.

Cabinet/dresser consists of multiple sections which go as follows:
* 4 x cupboards (4th cupboard to hold bottles)
* 4 x draws
* Shelving
* 2 x sliding doors

I was thinking the cupboards, draws and shelves all to be made out of pine? (which will be painted). For the sliding doors, I am in two minds to be either exposed wood (Teak/Oak/a dark hardwood) or also painted. Would it be possible to get quote options for both? Please also advise on what materials will work best.

Do let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,