We have a garden studio is modern pent style with a glass roof, decking in front with poly carb PVC sloping roof supported by posts over the deck area. The existing building and deck are in good shape but the studio is too hot in the summer and the modern style with lots of white plastic on the roof is out of character with country cottage/ garage style of the rest of the property. We are thinking that there could be two options:

- roofs are replaced with a hip roof with cedar shingles or lite tile over both studio and decking with timber or oak posts on the front or if the studio does not support the weight leaving the glass roof on studio
- adding a gazebo type structure with a hip roof to go over the existing building supported on its own posts that can take wooden shingles or lite roof tiles.

The existing building has a width of 3.02 m width and 2.85m excluding overhangs 30cm length with the decking outside the studio adding a further 3m bringing it to a total length 5.85m. Roof height 2.13 m at back to 2.38m at front. The building is alongside a fence so limited to 30cm overhang on the sides. We think that a roof 3.6m * 6m would work as we have limited room around the building to work with. Let me know if you want a picture to help you visualise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for providing a quote. We also welcome alternative suggestions. Best wishes, Nicola