Spaced In

Spaced In takes the traditional carpenter built alcove unit, wardrobe or radiator cover and makes it brilliant! We design, and fit neatly around the features of your home, spray-painted bespoke furniture in the Spaced In interpretation of classical and modern styles. How we differ. By appreciating the value of design, and developing a high quality environmental sprayed lacquer finish, the typical issues with carpenter work are avoided whilst maintaining the advantage of a great value local, flexible and truly bespoke product: we create height, width, depth, style and colour that suits you not the owner of a factory in Europe.

Yet because it is also prefinished offsite it can usually be fitted in a day with minimal inconvenience, only the components that fit the contours of London walls needing to be cut on site. What we do. We specialise in wardrobes and alcove units along with bookcases, audio visual units, desks and radiator cabinets designed to maximise storage whilst minimising size.