Mark Talbot Carpentry

Following an apprenticeship and career in building church organs, learning traditional carpentry during restorations and new build work, in 2003 I turned my carpentry skills to making furniture and haven't looked back since. From being a small boy, I have always wanted to work with wood and made various things in the family shed as I grew up, inspired and helped by my granddad. I still have the stool that my granddad made me, now in my workshop!

My furniture and household objects are made using mainly traditional methods and from solid native timbers, which I source locally wherever possible. My work is made from trees, and I try to keep that fact apparent in the finished piece. Burrs and knots in the wood are points of interest and really add to the individuality of each item. I work by myself, so sometimes there might be a bit of a delay between ordering and delivery, but hopefully the unique piece you get will be worth waiting for.