CAD Joinery

CAD Joinery have been established for 12 years and are based in the heart of Oxfordshire. The business began in 1999 when Chris Loft sought to supply his carpentry enterprise with bespoke, high quality joinery products. With 30 years experience in carpentry and joinery the business had the advantage starting out and has since steadily expanded.

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques, all of CAD joinery's work can be drawn, showing the finest detail with pinpoint accuracy. Using CAD also enables us to save time and be more efficient as it speeds up the design process.

At CAD Joinery we use the latest in production technology, this includes our CNC 5 Axis Machine. The great benefit of using this technology is the ability to machine highly complex shapes in one single set-up, such as continuous curved handrails and any other unusual shapes required. We can also produce batches of items or one offs. We are happy to use our machine to aid your business.

As a company we pride ourselves for our excellent customer service and are renowned for our quality products as well as the service we provide.